Virtual Desktop, what’s that..?

Oct 5, 2017

Virutal DesktopVirtual desktop, what’s that? Simply put, it is a set of computer resources contained in a remote data center or remote location. These resources are configured to be used exactly as any Windows based computer, like the one you have at work or home. These virtual desktops look, feel, and act like a normal Windows 10 machine.  So don’t worry, you will feel right at home at the controls.  Users can install and run any normal application.  In fact, we configure them just as you need them, with your specific line of business applications, settings, and customization’s built in.

So if this thing is in some data center or “cloud” somewhere else, how do I use it?

Magic of course…

No, it’s not magic, but it does seem like it after using one. Technically speaking, an application is installed on your physical machine.  You know that thing sitting on your desk, or the laptop in your bag, the super cheap Chromebook or Windows S machine. This application does all the work to connect to the virtual desktop then what happens next is really amazing.  (Stay with me here) The picture that you would see if you were sitting in front of virtual desktop is broken up into tiny pixels, encrypted (for security purposes) and sent to your physical machine. The application then decrypts the tiny pixels and reconstructs the image on your physical machine. Then, when you interact with it, like move your mouse, type on the keyboard the physical machine does the same as above in reverse. (Good, you made it)  A lot, I know, but it happens so fast and smooth the only thought you will have is, “huh…this seems just like my normal machine”.

So yeah, it’s magic…

What is brilliant about this technology is those teeny, tiny pixels and those keystrokes are such small pieces of data to transmit, it makes virtually any internet connection viable. For so long, we have consumed more and more internet bandwidth, and yearned for more speed. Well, we no longer have to continue to justify the cost of the next higher package. We just need stable enough internet to pass those teeny, tiny pixels and keystrokes to our virtual cloud desktop. So that means, connecting from a mobile hot spot, conference center Wi-Fi, heck public Wi-Fi are all now doable and because we encrypt all the traffic both ways you can do it safely.  Imagine having the same access to the files, applications, and tools that you have in the office while you are using the airplane’s Wi-Fi connection, or better yet at your favorite coffee shop.  Remember, that our desktop is in the cloud and when we surf the web, it’s not our physical machine’s connection that gives us the speed, it’s our virtual desktop, and we get to use the internet that feeds the enormous data center and believe me they have all the internet your browser can handle. Just run a speed test some time on your virtual cloud desktop.

This really is cool, and our team can talk about it all day, so if you want to learn more, contact us to see how virtual desktops can really change the way you do business.