Computer hardware is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be…

Jan 18, 2018

Computer hardwareIt never seems to stop, whether it’s cube envy, or a clever piece of marketing, we are always angling for nicer, newer, more expensive devices and computer hardware equipment. Traditionally, managed service providers have replaced computer hardware and devices in as few as three years, but most advised clients to replace machines between four and five years, and not to go much beyond that time period.

Cloud Office allows you to slow the need for replacing hardware devices. Even better, Cloud Office can help you stop hardware purchases altogether. When you use Cloud Office, your employees are no longer reliant on the physical device to do the actual work.  The computer that is saving documents, entering customer orders, finalizing the major sales presentation is in the cloud.  The machine the user is typing on is…well how do I put this nicely, a terminal, some would say dumb terminal.

Now that your data is no longer on the physical machine, and we only need a physical device meaning keyboard, monitor, mouse to connect to our Cloud Office….why on EARTH would we spend $500 to $1500 on that device? There is NO NEED! Replace those $1000 laptops with Cloud Office, hand them a $150 Chromebook.  They will connect safely and securely to their Cloud Office, have all the software and corporate access necessary to complete their job.

Other companies we work with are beginning to allow their employees to even use their own equipment, aka BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  Cloud Office makes this simple, secure and easy to launch.  Your employee accesses the Cloud Office from their device. It gives them access to a desktop to do all their work SEPARATELY from their personal machine.

Sit down with us and see how we can stop the expensive hardware cycle in your business.