Employee burnout is real, part 1! Use cloud-based tools

Jan 20, 2022

cloud-based tools

Employees are burned out: Give them cloud-based tools to be more flexible

Without a doubt, it has been a challenging two years. Traditionally, IT professionals, such as our team, look forward to a new calendar year to strategically identify and recommend trends clients can use in New Year business initiatives. Given the high level of business burnout, we’re taking a different approach this year—pause, reflect and adjust. The goal is to help make people’s jobs easier and more enjoyable.

Google the phrase “2021 Business Burnout” and you’ll see it’s a real thing. In 2019, a record 42 million people quit their jobs. The Great Resignation is real and business owners need to take it seriously by finding out how they can help to make workers’ lives happier. If you’re scoffing at this idea, check out this statistic.

Between December 2020 and July 2021, employees reported a 21% increase in burnout and 17% increase in physical symptoms of stress like muscle tension and fatigue, as well as added work-life balance challenges and overall job stress, according to a survey by the digital wellness company meQuilibrium.