build | secure | launch

Researchers say 85% of organizations will migrate to the cloud by 2025 (Gartner). Moving from a traditional in-house server to business in the cloud is easy and empowering as staff moves to a high tech and high service environment at a low cost to the business. It takes just three easy steps that happen most importantly without business interruption.

Watch this video to see how we work.


The cloud delivers a secure work environment so staff can work from anywhere at any time. We keep the transition simple by assessing each computer laptop and desktop along with hardware and software systems. Drives are mapped, use is tracked, and files secured for the build.


Once all checks and balances are complete, each users’ data is captured, transferred and secured to your company’s new cloud-based server using Amazon WorkSpaces, EC2, and AWS to create a premium virtual desktop and unified network experience for each staff member.


When staff goes to work, instead of using their standard computer that links to the on-site server, they simply click a cloud-launch icon, and login with their secure password. The same computer desktop pops up. And files are all in the same places. No training needed. It’s back to work!

When a business moves to the cloud there are so many benefits …

Data is backed up and kept safe with the highest encryption security available

Employees work from any office, anywhere

Protection from disaster and data breaches

Easily grant or revoke employee access

Centrally manage and update software and users

Easy to access tech support