Employee Burnout is real! Part 3

Mar 21, 2022

flexible cloud environment

Taking a step to move IT systems into a more flexible cloud environment gives greater security, which is more important than ever. Cybersecurity in the workplace has been and will continue to be addressed with new-fangled ways of working from anywhere at any time. Employees who want where-I-work flexibility need to be reminded to think before they click.

The most common cyberattacks relate to phishing schemes. Chances are you’ve gotten one or many of these emails. We get them in our office every day.

If it looks fishy, chances are it’s someone phishing. Reminding employees to stay a step ahead of the people who continue to engineer all of the ways to get into a computer is more important than ever.

  • Button up passwords. Add characters to the beginning, end and middle. Don’t make your password, “password.” Simply adding an “!” isn’t enough anymore.
  • Trash email junk. Delete junk mail weekly, for good. Using the shift-delete key completely removes junk from your system.
  • Have a trusted advisor. A good managed services team delivers professionals that you can call to ask questions before becoming the next cyberattack victim.

Aaron Toops is co-founder and CEO of AERIFY.io, a managed services IT business that makes technology simple, safe, and fast. The team leverages the Cloud to allow small to mid-business teams affordable access to their information from whatever device at whatever time they need.