Is Your Business Network healthy, updated and SECURE?

Mar 12, 2018

Business NetworkOne of the most challenging aspects of having a traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP) is troubleshooting issues when your system is down and you are located across town (or maybe even across the country!). Having on-site IT personnel 24/7 at even small offices can require an IT staff and is too expensive for most organizations. Business Network Solutions offers  “remote technical service,” helping office admins diagnose and resolve many connectivity issues without dispatching IT staff to the site. The ability to run diagnostic checks such as pinging an access point, running a throughput test, or reviewing detailed event logs have been integral to AERIFY’s value for Business Networks for organizations without a dedicated IT staff.

We are announcing a FREE Network Diagnostic followed by a set of recommendations for your Business Network and Cloud Desktop migration needs. We have live tools that expose even more up-to-the-second information to troubleshoot connectivity issues and threat detection.  Office administrators are now able to focus on running the business efficiently rather than mitigating costly network downtime and scheduling on-site tech support.  With our Business Network Solutions, we monitor your connectivity, initiate contact to your internet provider and deploy both software and hardware upgrades as needed without being prompted.  Want to learn more?  Schedule your FREE Network Diagnostic today.