Security, Recovery Made Simple by Cloud Office

Oct 6, 2017

Cloud OfficeHow do you secure something that is always moving? Hmm, trust me these days that keeps IT folks like me up at night. The truth is, it is seriously tough. Think about it, your employee these days are carrying around so much information from phones, tablets, laptops, remote access it nuts. That is a lot of things to secure. When we say secure it that is really the lowest rung on the ladder.  Compliance is the next, and that can carry some serious expense. If you are not thinking about these issues as a business owner you are really playing with fire. Malware, ransomware, phishing scams…you know all this scary stuff is really out there, and it can really damage your productivity and cost you serious money.

We have a better solution. Cloud Office, our complete managed service package, is really designed to secure your business while lessening the burden of security and compliance. We take a completely different approach, that of other traditional managed service providers. We completely build your office network in the cloud.  Allow your users to connect securely to it.  They do the work in the cloud and not locally. Important information never left on someone’s laptop.  The laptop is only used to connect.  So, when a laptop or other device goes missing…don’t worry, none of your intellectual property was on the device.  It’s like they stole the monitor, mouse and keyboard.  The computer, the data is all in the cloud safe and sound. Compliance is easier, too. Data is no longer being carted around on devices. Communication to and from the device is encrypted.  We get to use all the certifications the cloud provider qualifies for as well (HIPAA, SOX, ISO). It’s all made simpler because the data is not moving from device to device.

Cloud Office makes protection from malware and ransomware easier to recover from.  Notice I say recover from.  If you have ever read anything about malware and ransomware you know it’s virtually impossible to 100% prevent it.  So until there is a scanner that stops it all, ALL THE TIME we have to prepare to recover from it. Cloud Office accomplishes this by having robust backup procedures at the server level. The virtual desktops are easily and quickly replaceable.  Gone are the days of hour-long scans to hopefully clean an infection off.  If encryption happens, rest assured recovery is fast and has nothing to do with paying in bitcoins.