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The Small Business Cybersecurity Crisis

Revealed: 5 Ways Your Company Can Be Destroyed By Cybercrime

The growth and sophistication of cybercriminals, ransomware and hacker attacks has reached epic levels, CEOs can no longer ignore it or Hope, “That won’t happen to us.”

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Uncover the urgent and critical protections businesses must have in place now to protect…

Their Bank Accounts: The bank is NOT required to replace funds stolen due to cybercrime, and unless businesses have a very specific type of insurance policy, any financial losses will be denied coverage, plus…

Client Data: The courts will not support your case if if you expose client data to cybercriminals, not to mention the reputational damages that come along with breaking data breach laws, and…

Confidential Information: Payroll, HR, accounting firms and more have direct access to highly confidential information which could be sold, stolen or encrypted, and also…

Reputation: When a data breach occurs, news travels FAST and it is the responsibility of the business, and those in charge, to have the proper protections in place for their confidential information and their clients.

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Biggest benefit of working with has been 100% remote. We can offer almost all of our staff the ability to be flexible and work remotely, with the exception of our receptionist and that is only because we have to have a person to greet the clients. does IT support better than any other IT firm I have worked with. Our IT people in the past I have nothing bad to say about them, I think they were great however the level of support we get from your team is outstanding. We have the quickest response with

The service as a whole is great, I wish we had done this sooner. I felt like our software provider always went down when we used them in the cloud (TR), now that we are “out” of the cloud but in AWS, I don’t think we’ve really been down, if so it is for the quickest reboot you can imagine.

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