Peace Of Mind Starts With

The biggest benefit for the Boone EDC since enrolling in AERIFY’s Managed IT services has been the peace of mind it provides, knowing that our IT infrastructure is in capable hands, allowing us to focus on our business versus technical issues.

What sets apart from other vendors we have worked with is your responsiveness. The team picks up the phone. Resolving IT issues with has been easier than most other firms we have worked with in the past, as most of their work can be handled remotely, which is a much more efficient use of everyone’s time.

If you’re on the fence about choosing as your IT partner, let me assure you that you won’t find a more dedicated team to help with your technology needs. The AERIFY team goes above and beyond to make sure our system is functioning properly, is efficient, and aligns with our business needs.

Molly Whitehead Molly Whitehead Executive Director
Boone County Economic Development Corporation

The Value Added Is Priceless.

The single biggest benefit to working with is the peace of mind. I don’t even have to think about IT issues like security, licensing, maintenance…. Even if I have printer or peripheral issue is more than willing and able to help.

Something that really understands is customer service…. Always responsive in a timely manner. I have worked with many IT firms in the past and none of them have a greater understanding of customer service than

The value added is priceless. The relationship that provides is personal and professional.

Scot Yesmunt Scot Yesmunt General Manager
EBWA Industries, Inc.

We Have The Quickest Response With

Biggest benefit of working with has been 100% remote. We can offer almost all of our staff the ability to be flexible and work remotely, with the exception of our receptionist and that is only because we have to have a person to greet the clients. does IT support better than any other IT firm I have worked with. Our IT people in the past I have nothing bad to say about them, I think they were great however the level of support we get from your team is outstanding. We have the quickest response with

The service as a whole is great, I wish we had done this sooner. I felt like our software provider always went down when we used them in the cloud (TR), now that we are “out” of the cloud but in AWS, I don’t think we’ve really been down, if so it is for the quickest reboot you can imagine.

Amber Dykema Amber Dykema DWC CPA Group

We love the freedom that being on the cloud gives us. 

We no longer have to worry about remoting in to a desktop, fear of loss of power equaling loss of work or productivity and the easer that came with setup and maintenance thanks to the Aerify team.

Excellent Communication! I told AERIFY from the jump I needed transparency and layman’s terms and your entire team has nailed this.  I no longer live in constant worry of ‘do we have what we need’, ‘can we access our own data or technology on our own without jumping through hoops’ nor do I dread picking up the phone to ask you/your team anything.

The guys at Aerify have been incredible to work with and quickly became some of my favorite “vendors” to work with.  They are all so easy going and will work with you at your speed to accomplish YOUR goals, not their own.  I cannot say enough good things about this group or their services.

Erin Rode CFO
Applegate Dillman Law Group

We can literally work from anywhere! 

As an owner, I can be out of the office and still have a very strong connection to our day to day.  If there are any tasks that I need to be involved in, I can assist, even when I am not on site.  We have been able to easily build in flexible schedules that allow our team to work in office, when necessary, and at home, when possible.  This is a huge boost to our team morale.

You have blown the competitors out of the office when it comes to explaining how it all works and come together.  Most IT companies speak in language I do not understand.  If I am feeling out in the dark, or confused, I am less likely to move forward.  I want to understand enough to feel comfortable, and then get out of your way and let you do your thing.

Working with AERIFY has change how we operate (in a good way) and open the doors for logistical set ups at your business that you had never felt were possible and maybe have never even contemplated.

Justin Schuhmacher Attorney
Indiana Estate & Elder Law

Flexibility is a great benefit, we can work securely from anywhere.

Customer service far in a way is much better with Aerify.  Response time is faster and they are great at communicating with our staff in a way that isn’t super “techy” – they can explain things in a way that is understandable. From a service and support standpoint, we don’t regret making the switch.  AERIFY is easy to work with and are accommodating to our needs

Jenny Norris CFO
Indiana CPA Society

Easy to use and feel that everything is more locked down that it was previously before moving to Aerify.

AERIFY is great with communications and very convenient.  They make our life easier and no more call to tech support for IT problems with no resolution. Their response and customer service is wonderful.

Kim Custer Managing Director
Canterbury Investment Management

Support is fantastic.

When we need something strange setup and done, it’s done.  The platform is rock solid and our clients really like it once it’s done. Having the cloud desktops really streamlines their businesses. We have been able to accommodate companies with employees all over the US.

Ryan Grimes President
My IT Indy